We invite you to join our La Porte County Historical Society. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in history, genealogy, antiques and La Porte County. We have six monthly meetings, with a speaker or discussion covering interesting facts about historical subjects. By joining the organization you help in carrying out its purpose and support the many volunteers who generously give their time and talents to provide one of the most outstanding museums in the state. Meetings are open to the public. Facility is handicapped accessible.  The fiscal year of the Society is the calendar year (January 1 through December 31).  Memberships received November 1 or after will be applied to the following year unless otherwise requested. 

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To administer, maintain and support a historical museum, collecting, preserving and displaying artifacts and records of history, particularly in reference to La Porte County, Indiana. To promote historical inquiry and the study of Indiana history and the history of La Porte County by a program of education for the general public and by a program of meetings and activities for members of the society.


The initial meeting of the La Porte County Historical Society was held January 30, 1906, succeeding the Old Settlers' Association. The first museum of the Society was located on the upper floor of La Porte's first library which later became the Elk's Clubroom at 805 Maple Avenue. It was then moved to the Carnegie Library (the current La Porte County Public Library), 904 Indiana Avenue where it remained until April 3, 1938. At that time, the Society's collections were put on display in the basement of the La Porte County Circuit Court House. There the Museum remained until the La Porte County Complex was designed and an area was included to provide a much needed increase in space for the Society and its collections.On September 17, 1978, the Museum opened to the public with 17,788 square feet of display rooms, office and storage space.

The Society is a non-profit organization, incorporated October 24, 1921. Its Museum is manned by three part-time, paid employees who work under the direction of a 12 person Board of Directors. Staff is assisted by a number of volunteers. All are devoted to the accumulation, identification and presentation of items of historical and educational significance to La Porte County--to the end that people may have a more appreciative understanding of the glorious heritage handed down from the works of man and from the realm of nature.

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